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Tag: Career Prep Series

Jul 10
PM vs SWE: What’s right for me?

Have you ever thought about a career in both Software Engineering and Product Management but aren't sure which one is right for you? Well, this session might be for you! Hear from some of Datadog's Product Managers/Software Engineers as to how/why they chose their career paths.

Jul 08
The Future of Play & Online Gaming with Roblox

Learn more about our human co-experience platform and how we are using digital experiences to bring the world together through play. This will be an engaging discussion and opportunity to network with seasoned engineers.

Jun 10
Salesforce Business Development Workshop

Salesforce discusses business development.

Jun 10
Tech Talk: Bose Health

We discuss the companies newest division, Bose Health.

Jun 10
Show Your Difference: Ways to stand out as a candidate

Learn about strategy and tips for you to really ramp up their skills before graduation - ways to get involved on campus, personal project ideas - for them to stand out etc.

Jun 10
How to Stand Out as a Candidate in the Advertising and Analytics Space

Big data and analytics have reinvented advertising and the way companies interact with consumers. Hear from Xandr recruiters and employees in various roles such as engineering, data analytics and marketing on how you can stand out as a candidate in the advertising and analytics space, while remaining true to your unique brand.

Jun 10
Navigating networking and searching for jobs in a virtual world

It is an *extremely* weird year to be graduating and looking for your first post-degree job. If you're feeling your game plan crumble into pieces: it's time to do a little pragmatic magic on your employment situation.