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Navigating networking and searching for jobs in a virtual world

It is an *extremely* weird year to be graduating and looking for your first post-degree job. If you're feeling your game plan crumble into pieces: it's time to do a little pragmatic magic on your employment situation.
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 Alexa Shoen – author of #ENTRYLEVELBOSS: How To Get Any Job You Want – is hosting an exclusive workshop about optimizing the job search and navigating career decisions in our curious new reality.

The workshop will cover three topics plus Q&A:

– navigating the virtual job search
– networking when you can’t leave the house
– reframing your 2020 career trajectory, quickly

Alexa Shoen is the internet’s leading confidant for panicking jobseekers. She is the founder of #ENTRYLEVELBOSS, an online education company that helps people successfully navigate big career moves, and the author of #ENTRYLEVELBOSS: How To Get Any Job You Want.

She previously worked in design for Facebook, and in her spare time, Alexa is an acclaimed recording artist. Originally from San Diego, she currently resides in London. Find her online (@alexashoen) and stay in touch through her free, cult-favorite #ENTRYLEVELBOSS newsletter.

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