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Career Prep Series

Designed to get you connected with companies & in position to be a top candidate!

The Career Prep Series features Talentboard member companies and recruiters in informational sessions, panels & workshops that help you prepare for success in the application and interview process. Workshops feature topics that will help prepare you for success during the upcoming recruitment cycle and during your future internship or new grad roles.


Companies who have Participated in the Career Prep Series

Envisioning Your Future

New grads and recruiters from Airbnb, Dropbox, Gem, Okta, Rippling, and Zwift discuss launching careers.

Through the Eyes of a Recruiter

University Recruiters will talk about the recruitment process from their point of view and demystify some myths about recruiting in general!

Navigating Recruiting Season

Excited to start applying for new roles in the fall but don’t know where to start? Don’t worry! Lexy Aldape from NVIDIA will share tips on Navigating Recruiting Season.

Technical Interview Prep with Figma

Preparing for a technical interview can be daunting. Figma, will be leading a session that dives deep into implementing best practices for a Technical Interview!

Develop your network

Grow Professionally

Get Recruited

We hope you enjoy the videos as much as these candidates enjoyed attending!

"Having my dream internship cancelled due to COVID-19 this summer, I was very disappointed and afraid that it would hurt my chances of getting a new grad role. I have attended many sessions you organized and they made me much more confident in my future job search."
Philippe côté-mourneault
Polytechnique Montreal
"I have attended a few sessions from the URx Talent Development Program and I gained a lot of valuable knowledge about different companies' cultures. I also improved my resume, job searching strategies, and interview skills. I would highly recommend it to anyone who's looking to upskill themselves!"
Iris Guo
University of Waterloo
"The program was just the exact thing i needed to put me on the right career path. I've become more intentional about my career, my CV is now well polished also. It was a deep exploratory program into fields i had zero idea of before. Everyone should definitely be part of this program."
Ernest Abah
University of Lagos

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