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Tech Talk: Bose Health

We discuss the companies newest division, Bose Health.
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We discuss the companies newest division, Bose Health. The Health division is focused on delivering Sleep and Hearing-related products to truly help our customers live healthier, fuller lives. These products add a new category to the current Bose product portfolio and as such, present unique challenges and design constraints. During this panel, we will discuss our backgrounds, project roles, and some creative approaches to solving problems. We hope to see you there!

Meet the Speakers:

Tegan Ayers, Research Engineer “Hi! My name is Tegan and I’m a Research Engineer within the Bose Health division at Bose. I hold degrees in Biomedical Engineering and Public Policy, both from Rochester Institute of Technology, and I’m currently completing a degree in Data Science from Northeastern University. My diverse interests and background have allowed me to explore many research avenues at Bose, including developing biometric sensing algorithms, prototyping and evaluating hardware, and collecting and analyzing customer feedback.” 
Patrick Buzza, DSP Engineer

“I’m Patrick Buzza, a Signal Processing Engineer working in the Research wing of Bose Health. I started at Bose as a co-op on the product development side focused on algorithm development and optimization. After graduating Northeastern with a combined Electrical and Computer Engineering degree, I’ve turned my focus to dynamic controls, acoustic and signal processing challenges in new hearing aid form factors, and tools to expedite the bring up of new hearing aid experiences.” 
Ryan Wexler, Mechanical Engineer

“Hey there, my name is Ryan Wexler and I am a Product Development Engineer with the Bose Health Division. I’ve helped design many of the headphones Bose has released over the last 7 years. I’m a believer in combining structured problem solving and dynamic teamwork to reach innovative solutions. I hold a B.S and an M.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Northeastern University and Purdue University, respectively. My subject matter expertise resides in miniaturization of electromechanical assemblies, ergonomics of wearables, and mechanical technology maturation.”

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