Its time for a change in early career recruiting

2 years ago, a small group of companies got together to reimagine the application process for software engineering internships. What began as an experiment to simplify the recruitment process has evolved into a movement to ensure an equitable application process.

Today, Talentboard is a membership based organization comprised of companies that are committed to diversity, equity & inclusion. Talentboard gives companies of every size—from new startups to public companies— the tools to reach a diverse candidate pool and the technology to measure the impact on their diversity recruiting initiatives. 

We serve the more than four million college students — over 40% of whom are first-generation —  who graduate from college and the millions of first time job seekers from non-traditional backgrounds research entry level job opportunities, by connecting them to resources through Talentboard. But the path to amazing career launching opportunities has changed.

Finding great entry level jobs seems simple, but not everyone understands the timelines and variety of opportunities available. In order to help all students reach their goals, we’re dedicated to:

  • Lowering the logistical and systemic barriers to applying to jobs
  • Supporting those who develop entry level talent
  • Serving a diverse group of students and companies
  • Leveraging data and insight to inform our member companies

We do this by making the application simple, the process logical, and the experience joyful. Together, we’re forging a direct path to career launching jobs for all students.

Founding Members