Category: Career Prep Series

Jul 10
Figma and Design

Learn how designers at Figma leverage their product in their day to day".

Jul 10
PM vs SWE: What’s right for me?

Have you ever thought about a career in both Software Engineering and Product…

Jul 08
The Future of Play & Online Gaming with Roblox

Learn more about our human co-experience platform and how we are using digital…

Jun 10
Salesforce Business Development Workshop

Salesforce discusses business development.

Jun 10
Tech Talk: Bose Health

We discuss the companies newest division, Bose Health.

Jun 10
Show Your Difference: Ways to stand out as a candidate

Learn about strategy and tips for you to really ramp up their skills before graduation…

Jun 10
How to Stand Out as a Candidate in the Advertising and Analytics Space

Big data and analytics have reinvented advertising and the way companies interact with…

Jun 10
Navigating networking and searching for jobs in a virtual world

It is an *extremely* weird year to be graduating and looking for your first…