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Tech Interns Share TalentBoard Tips,Tactics

Fall recruiting season is always a busy time for college students. Every company has its own application and specific set of technical requirements, and every student has a different set of interests, skills, and aspirations. Balancing them all can be tough.

TalentBoard exists to streamline the application for all TalentBoard Member Companies.

While TalentBoard makes it easier to apply to multiple companies, getting an internship or new grad offer from a company is competitive. In advance of the next TalentBoard application window opening, here are tips on what to expect.

Two current college students – both of whom used TalentBoard when applying to companies – shared three key points via email on applying with TalentBoard and what to expect.

Get & Stay Organized 

Whether you’ve just started your search or have been interviewing since September, make sure you have a system to get and stay organized. One pro-tip is tracking all of your applications and communication with recruiters via a database like Airtable or Google Sheets. 

Prep, Practice &  Practice Again

We make it easy to apply to great opportunities, you still need to put in the work! There are a lot of resources to help you prepare for technical interviews, take advantage of them. Make sure to practice technical assessments once or twice before taking and do the same once you progress to the later rounds of interviews.  

Research Member Companies

We focus on one thing getting you in position to interview and land a great opportunity. Whether it is LinkedIn, a companies careers site or something else, take the time to research member companies so you can speak intelligently about their company and industry. This is also a great way to learn a bit about what gets you excited. 

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