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The Talentboard Application makes it easy to apply to multiple jobs, internships and programs.

Talentboard Application Guide

Applying for internships or your first job can be a tedious and stressful process for candidates. In addition to the research and redundancy associated with applications candidates are also asked to prepare for multiple assessments on various platforms all while balancing school, life, and career.

The Talentboard Application, which is accepted by a growing list of companies, including some Netflix, Figma, and eBay, helps streamline an essential part of the process for candidates.

Through our platform, candidates can apply to multiple companies at once via an Application Plan. So candidates only have to fill out details that most companies require – such as name, past experience and most important take an assessment – one time.

Before we dive into The Talentboard Application process here are few key terms you will want to understand.

Application Plan

An Application Plan is a collection of opportunities that share:

  • Job Type
  • Assessment
  • Application Window

Every opportunity on Talentboard is a part of an Application Plan

Application Windows

An Application window is the start an end date for a group of application plans. Talentboard has 4 Application windows every year. Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer. 

Priority Deadline

A priority deadline is not a hard deadline (you can still submit your application after it and before the Application Window closes), but applications that are submitted before the deadline will receive priority by the recruiting team. Companies consider ALL applications received from Talentboard. Meeting a companies priority deadline literally gives you “priority” in when your application is reviewed.

Talentboard Application Process

  • Go to Talentboard and sign up or click on the “Create your application” button above to create an account and log in.
    • If you have not created your profile you will be able to do so. Your profile consists of your name, email, phone number, education, technical interests, community memberships and experience.
  • Choose your Application Plan. Application Plans consist of a Job Type ( Internship, FT Job, or Program), Assessment, and an Application Window (Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer).
  • Click apply on all the opportunities that you are interested
  • Review and complete any supplemental application requirements that an opportunity requires.

Talentboard Candidate FAQ

You can apply here. By applying, you will be able to take the TalentBoard technical assessment powered by our partner CodeSignal and be fast-tracked to the next round of interviews with TalentBoard member companies that you send your application to. You can also consider companies that are interested in your application.

Currently we’re only working with students who are members of ColorStack, Rewriting the Code, are attending an HBCU or HSI, or any student who completed the InternHacks summer program or the MLH Summer Fellowship that are applying for technical roles.

By signing up for TalentBoard, you are agreeing to share your profile, and contact information with our member companies. Your  technical interview results will only be shared with member companies that you apply to through TalentBoard or if you indicate you would like your results visible to our member companies.

We streamline the application process by allowing you to create a profile, take a technical assessment, and apply directly to multiple companies at once. 

Visit this page to learn more about how TalentBoard works for students.

  • TalentBoard is available to candidates who are interested in internships or entry level Full Time roles in Back-end, Fullstack, Frontend, Infrastructure, Data Engineering, and Mobile Development. We will be opening up the platform to more roles including non-technical opportunities soon. 

We give you real technical feedback that companies can’t and connect you with our partners to iron out the edges and get better! Students who are not accepted are welcome to reapply in the next application window.​

We review applications on a 48 hour rolling basis. Be sure to check your spam inbox, if you do not have an email from us there and it has been 2 Business Days since you completed your profile, please contact us.

Yes you can but not immediately. Our assessment partner CodeSignal institutes a waiting period before you can take the assessment again. Once that waiting period is over you can re-take the assessment. We encourage you to practice and prep!

Have questions? Contact the Candidate Support Center at candidates [at]

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