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Software Engineering Interview Tips

Amal Saleh is a University Recruiter at Facebook.

Preparing for Your Technical Screen

  • Practice! Practice! Practice! Should be completing 10-15 hours a week coding and practicing. 
  • Code with efficiency and cleanliness
  • Be sure to communicate your thought process OUT LOUD as you code. 
  • During the interview, make sure to check for edge cases & test your code to ensure your code is free from bugs and that your approach to solving the problem is as concise and efficient as possible. 
  • Focus on your code being clean, test it to identify bugs and really focus on the blend of coding and vocalizing your thought process.
  • Review core CS concepts as well as subjects pertaining to the scale of our environment.
  • Ask yourself questions such as, what were your projects about; what made you want to do them; how was it impactful; what challenges you encountered/overcame; what would you do differently if you could start again, etc.
  • Have thoughtful questions prepared to ask your interviewer and make sure to convey your excitement for this opportunity at each step of the interviewing stage.
  • If you’ve seen a question before, be honest and let the interviewer know.

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