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How to Crush Your Next Technical Internship/FT Role – Airbnb

we'll go over tips for how to build the best mindset for and use the right tools to succeed in future technical internships and full-time roles.
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Hi, I’m Tuhina! I’ve been working in University Recruiting and Programs for 6 years. I’m a recruiter by title but I’ve done varied work in the recruiting space, from running early career programs and operationalizing hiring processes to building scalable relationships with campuses, students and tech organizations. My goal is to bring efficiency, joy and learning to everyone involved in a recruiting process.

What does it really mean to be an engineer in the workplace? How can you receive and make the most of critical feedback? How should you prioritize and own your growth & development? These are among some of the important questions we’ll review together.

Whether you have many internships under your belt or are just starting out in your journey, we’ll walk through how to make every opportunity count.