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Introduction to Product Marketing with Epsilon

Learn more about product marketing, from effective strategies to bring a product to market, to the hard and soft skills you need to succeed in this role.
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Allison Milone shares best practices for developing a go-to-market strategy, including the resources she’s used to build her product marketing skillset. Allison is a Senior Product Marketing Manager at Epsilon, a technology company under Publicis that is a leader of data-driven personalized experiences at scale.


Allison Milone

Passionate about the intersection of technology and customer experience, Allison focuses on creating brand loyalty in her product marketing role at Epsilon. With a background in innovation and a MBA from Washington University in St. Louis, she has launched products across mobile, brick & mortar, and web at startups and enterprises. Allison has experimented with nascent stage technology, from augmented reality to robotics, and currently focuses on the go to market strategy for Epsilon’s Loyalty product.


About Epsilon

We create enriched customer experiences that drive performance at the individual and business level, enabling marketing built on proof, not promises.

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