Our Winter Application Window has closed. Stay Tuned for updates on our Summer Programs and Fall ’21 Application Window!

Apply directly to multiple tech companies with one click.

Talentboard allows you to apply directly to entry level technical opportunities at companies like Netflix, eBay, Figma, and more.

Our member companies join us in championing diversity & equity through our central Inclusive Hiring System.

Candidates Love this model.

Your Talentboard Profile unlocks unlimited opportunities.

We streamline the application, help you discover opportunities you didn’t even know existed, and save you time taking multiple technical assessments. Focus on preparing, building on real technical feedback, and interviewing with companies that are interested!

Over 70% of students don’t make it past a companies tech screen, many don’t get the opportunity to take the assessment. We’re here to help.

Helping diverse talent enter the tech workforce is what we do best

Partner with us on your journey.