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About Roku

Roku pioneered streaming to the TV. Our mission is to be the TV streaming platform that connects the entire TV ecosystem around the world. Today, Roku streaming devices are used by millions of consumers in North America, Latin America and in parts of Europe including the UK, Ireland, and France. We connect users to the streaming content they love, and we enable content publishers to build and monetize large audiences and provide advertisers with unique capabilities to engage consumers. Roku is uniquely positioned with its sophisticated TV streaming platform and growing scale. The company operates the No. 1 TV streaming platform in the U.S. as measured by hours streamed (Kantar 2020).


The Roku platform

The Roku platform enables content providers and advertisers to reach a massive and highly engaged consumer audience. Roku’s sophisticated advertising tools built for streaming enable Roku advertising to deliver relevant audiences and measurable results to brands and agencies. Brands are drawn to our targeted, more measurable form of advertising as well as the flexible solutions we offer, such as sponsorship and interactive overlay. Roku data, measurement and inventory are natively available for buyers within the OneView Ad Platform enabling buyers to transact programmatically, buying inventory from both Roku and publishers directly, all while leveraging Roku’s proprietary first-party data, measurement and optimization capabilities. We believe in the future that all advertising will be streamed.


The Roku Channel

The Roku Channel is a top streaming channel owned and operated by Roku. It is available to consumers in the U.S., Canada, and the UK for free on Roku streaming devices, the Web and on mobile devices. Roku works with studio and content providers to provide consumers with a large selection of free ad-supported video on demand, live TV, and premium subscriptions. Roku’s powerful promotional tools enable content providers and studios to attract and retain a large audience on The Roku Channel.


Roku streaming devices

Roku streaming devices run the Roku operating system (Roku OS) purpose built and designed specifically for TV. The Roku OS powers Roku players, Roku® Streaming Sticks™ and Roku Smart Soundbars. Roku streaming devices provide an incredible TV experience that is easy, offers a ton of content and value.


Roku TV

Roku TVs, manufactured by OEM brands around the world, use Roku’s purpose-built OS and TV hardware reference design. Co-branded Roku TV models are available through direct sales at major retailers, along with licensing arrangements with TV brands and pay TV operators in North America and Brazil.


The Roku Channel Store

The Roku Channel Store offers thousands of streaming channels from both global and local content providers. A dedicated Roku Channel Store is offered in each country where our devices are available. Roku makes it easy and affordable for consumers to enjoy free and paid content including live TV, news, sports, hit movies, popular vintage and recent TV shows and music.



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