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Greylock’s Techfair is an application-based career fair for top engineering talent. Techfair is your opportunity to connect with engineers, product leaders, and designers at the fastest-growing startups in Silicon Valley. Students have the opportunity to ask questions directly to potential teammates and learn about what makes each company unique. Techfair helps you create career connections, regardless of whether you’re looking for internships or full-time opportunities. Started in 2013, this annual summer event has enabled hundreds of students and recent graduates to launch their careers in tech. Previous participating companies have gone on to successful exits and IPOs, and each year we update our company list to include the best new startups. In 2020 alone, more than 100 students received new grad and full-time offers from participating companies and are now starting their careers at startups that are becoming household names. The participating companies we invite are all backed by top-tier venture capital firms, have ample funding to continue to hire and thrive, and are excellent career launchpads for students at the early stages of their careers.

About Greylock

Greylock is a venture capital firm that invests in early-stage software startups and supports them through their IPO/exit.  We focus on enterprise and consumer software at Seed and Series A, and also make new company investments in Series B and beyond. We support entrepreneurs throughout their journey from idea to IPO and onwards.

We are fortunate to have been early partners to some of the most enduring modern technology companies, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Airbnb, Nextdoor, AppDynamics, Okta, Rubrik, and dozens more. The founders of Workday, Palo Alto Networks, and Sumo Logic trusted us to help them incubate and launch their visions, and build companies that matter.

Founded in 1965, Greylock is one of the most successful venture capital firms in Silicon Valley. In addition to supporting companies with funding, we help build their teams, introducing employees who can contribute as software engineers, designers, and product managers, and connecting them to customers, marketing/PR resources, and more.

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Other Greylock University Programs

If you are a software engineer, product manager, or designer, and interested in submitting your resume to GreylockU, please apply here. If we have a relevant role for you, we will reach out via email to set up a call. Apply to be considered for openings across the Greylock portfolio.

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