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TalentBoard Common Application Guide FAQ

Our goal is to streamline the application process and put you at the front of the line for amazing opportunities. Here how we do it;

Create a TalentBoard Profile

Creating a TalentBoard profile takes less than 5 minutes. Fill out a form that gives us the information we need to connect you with the Member Companies you are interested in. We know you get asked this info at every turn, let this be the last one you need to fill out.

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Take Your Technical Assessment

After you have completed your profile and are approved we will send you an email with a link to take your Technical Assessment. We use the CodeSignal, General Coding Assessment (GCA). GCA is an EEOC-compliant standardized test designed to measure the fundamental computer programming skills. GCA’s large set of questions are created by CodeSignal Research based on the GCA Framework. Unlike applying directly to a company, you only have to take this once.

Review your Feedback

We provide you with real feedback on your technical assessment along with your scorecard. We think this is important so that no matter what you score you understand the areas where you can improve and the areas where you are strong.

Application Review

We send your application to the member companies that you expressed interest. A recruiter from the TalentBoard Member Company will reach out to you directly with next steps if you are moving forward in the process. TalentBoard will notify you if a member company is not moving forward.

Get Hired

Complete the interview process directly with each member company. Get your offers, pick the opportunity thats the best fit, and refer your friends!

How Long Does it Take?

You can create your profile and have an offer in as little as a week depending on your schedule and that of each individual member company you move forward with. After you complete your technical assessment you will hear back from TalentBoard within 2 business days.

[Take a look at our FAQ]

If you have questions be sure to email us at team@talentboard.io

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