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TalentBoard Common Application: Everything You Need to Know

Applying to internships at tech companies is a tedious and often stressful process that frankly can feel like a numbers game mixed with a game of chance.
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TalentBoard allows students to apply to multiple companies with one application, which is accepted by member companies, including eBay, Figma, Netflix, Cloudera, Greylock Partners and Robinhood. TalentBoard streamlines an essential part of the interview process for both employers and students.

Through TalentBoard, students can complete one application that allows them to apply to multiple companies at once. TalentBoard Member Companies accept use TalentBoard to streamline their own recruiting process and often fast track candidates to the final round of their interview. This allows both candidates and recruiters to spend more time evaluating mutual culture fit and technology interests. Students save time doing multiple technical screens and first round interviews while being guaranteed that their applications will be reviewed by companies they want to work for. 

“The idea behind the TalentBoard Common Application is to increase diversity in tech by removing the barriers to equity and access students face when applying to internships. We want to centralized opportunity discovery & streamline access” says Wahab Owolabi, Founder and CEO of OneReq, the company behind TalentBoard.

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The guide below can help candidates through the application.

When Can I Start Working on my TalentBoard Application?

TalentBoard operates on rolling application windows every year, the next two application windows are:

  • Application window 1 closes October 31. 
  • Application window 2 will be announced in early December

Students don’t have to wait until Sept. 1 to get started on the TalentBoard Application. They can create an account at any time and begin the interview process when the new app opens.

To start, applicants go to talentboard.io to create an account and begin the interview process through the platform. Students can keep track of deadlines, get updates on their application status and through TalentBoard on web or mobile.

How Long Does It Take to Complete the TalentBoard Application?

The time it takes to complete the application and interviews depends on the students and on an employers requirements. On average, it takes prepared students two weeks to complete the minimum requirements of the TalentBoard application. Timing for additional requirements from specific companies of interest vary based on scheduling but typically take no longer than an additional 2-3 weeks.

Our Mission is to level the playing field and create equal access to opportunity at the entry points of the workforce.